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Life Hacks

This is the table of contents for all blog posts related to daily life hack ideas.

A/B Testing Javascript

This is the A/B testing javascript that was published by Google Adsense team in their blog. I find it quite useful for testing other than Adsense ad units. I saved it here for my easy access in case I need it. Who knows the post in their blog might get deleted in future.

How to place Adsense ads inside Blogger post

This is how you can insert or place Adsense ad unit inside a Blogger post content. This method uses the Blogger jump break to determine where to place the ad unit. So decide where you want to insert your jump break as it will also determine where your ad will appear. This method will work for both responsive and non-responsive ads too. If you are reading this from my frontpage, go ahead and click the "Read More" link and you can see my demo.

Fundamental Analysis of Malaysia’s Stocks Market

Fundamental Analysis Strategy Chart from Chua I-Min slides

There was a Fundamental Analysis of Malaysia’s Stock Market workshop organized by Bursa Market Place at 4 Sep 2016 and this is a summary of what I have learned from the workshop. The purpose of workshop was to educate the audience to have a strategy of stock investment for Malaysia’s stocks market to ensure a lower investment risk by choosing the right company stock to invest. An example of an investment strategy was presented to make the audience understand and to have an educated strategy on stock investment. The presenter or speaker for the day was Chua I-Min (CFA) from a share investment coaching company (abmaximus) in Singapore.

A Summary of the Fundamental Analysis Strategy

A flowchart summarizes the fundamental analysis strategy highlighted in this blog post.
This is a summary of the fundamental analysis of Malaysia’s stock market strategy presented in the workshop. This strategy applies to all industries as a general rule of thumb. However, each industry may have their own unique analysis which will be covered in “Case Study on Specific Industries based on current situation (Sep 2016)”. This post is the 2nd part of “Fundamental Analysis of Malaysia’s Stocks Market” post (1st post). Please read the 1st post before proceed with this post for better big picture understanding.